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Welcome to Alawi Boutique Hotel web site

Alawi Boutique Hotel offers the feature of staying in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, pay attention to the details, on one of the most beautiful beaches of Kenya.
Five rooms available to our guests, tastefully furnished in the typical coastal style (Lamu Style) and equipped with all comforts to satisfy every relaxation requirements as well as business.
The staff of ALAWI Boutique Hotel will welcome you in the magical atmosphere of the Swahili Coast.


The ALAWI name recalls the legend of a rich and famous merchant of the 18th century, Sheikh ALAWI, that in his many business trips between the Gulf of Aden and the Coast of Kenya, staying inside the reef, at warm, calm waters of the coast, he met, fell in love and married a beautiful native girl with the exotic name of KASKAZI (Typical monsoon wind name of the East African Coast) daughter of humble local fisherman. It has been so great the love for KASKAZI that ALAWI, which unlike normal social custom of polygamy, married and lived all his life with only one…KASKAZI.
From the marriage four children were born male, and in honor of the beautiful, beloved wife, they were called by names of typical coastal winds, “SHUTA, JAMBA, MALIZA, KUZI”.

Legend narrate that all the children have become great merchants and navigators, by virtue of the teachings transmitted by the parents and to honor their names. The legend does not tell much more, but it is enough to recognize what we all would like for ourselves, happiness, love, devotion to work.
Is in this kind of spirit and in the memory of a romantic legend by the happy ending and a good omen, that we wanted to call our Boutique Hotel, just as Sheikh ALAWI (in ancient Arabic means Heavenly), and devote the names of the rooms KASKAZI his wife and the four beloved children, SHUTA, JAMBA, MALIZA, KUZI.

This is what we want to wish to all our guests.

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